Saturday, July 26, 2014

Failure does not work


First we start off with the spark of an idea, we then plan and at long last we take action and the journey begins filled with all sorts of adventures and pitfalls. I’m not writing about a new adventure film or novel, the action here is all of a personal journey to make that small spark of an idea become a flame that you can share or take pride in.

So many people are within a stones throw of reaching their goal when they are set upon with what they consider to be failure. Failure is not a permanent state unless you allow for this. Failure only happens when you stop working and surrender to this brief moment and make it your status forever. My constant rebel yell is “change your thoughts and change your life”!! I once saw a cartoon in Mad magazine of a man digging for treasure. He had dug pits everywhere and found nothing, the cartoon revealed in all of the pits he was only a scoop away from finding his treasure. This is how failure works, we listen to the voices of doubt in our own mind, we allow energy vampires to suck the joy out of our work towards a goal and we become tired and fed up and quit. This is the difference between the man who finds the treasure and the man who does not. What is your goal? How do you reach it and how long will it take?? Do your work, investigate everything you can on this spark and build your fuel for your fire. Some people will try and stop you and tell you “you can’t do that!!” what they are really saying is they can’t do that and can not stand the thought of you doing it.

I make new goals all the time and for the past decade have been some of the best times of my life. Inspiration can be found in so many places, read about the efforts of the people who reach their goals and you find all of them had endless struggles to fight up hill against all sorts of odds when the fates seem to be against them. The trick is to keep on working towards your goal. Failure to me is the lack of work.

I’m working on a new CD  of original music and my goal is to make a CD that impresses me! I tried this a few years ago trying to impress other people and I regard that as a failure on my part. My aim was not on the right target,I should have made it for my taste. Lesson learned, so I am starting again. I have several tracks finished and each one I listen to again and again and If I am not moved by the music it goes in the bin. The result of my efforts this time will be a success because I have made a CD that brings me joy, if it sells and other people enjoy it how wonderful for my ego and my bank account .  Whenever I think back on my past failures each of them carry the same handle –I quit working on them!

Do the work, never give up on what you believe in and enjoy your days!

Peace and Love all!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Good bye Scale!


In my journey into better health I have to remind myself to watch out for anything that does not serve me along my way. Recently I added a fitbit to track my daily steps and I found this to be a very useful tool. I can see just how active or lazy I was in a given day. Do I really need to have a gadget on my wrist to inform me if I was lazy or not?, no but I do enjoy the reminder and I find I feel better when I have walked at least my 10,000 steps. Some days I don’t do as well so I might move more the next but most days I have no problem with 10,000 steps. In short its fun and useful to me, I would not be lost without it but I have it and I will take the little atta boy it delivers on a good day.

Now comes a subject touchy to many of us and I have decided today its time to step off the scale. The common bathroom scale has some valid points as a reference guide but it does not tell the whole picture. It will tell you how much you weigh at this given point in your day. I have weighed myself several times in one day (absurd when I think about it out loud) and I have seen almost 10lbs of difference in a day. Down 3lbs and I feel great,gain back a 1lb and my mood is shot for the rest of the day. I am a very sensitive person and so I have come to terms with the scale just does not serve me. I have seen so many examples where the numbers just don’t add up to what is really going on. I have added kettle bell work outs to my life and as I add muscle I am trimming down more and weight seems to be the same. Less fat more muscle, clothes are loose,I feel stronger so why should I bother anymore with this wee machine??!!


I have problem areas of too much fat around my stomach (love handles) but I do take a tape measure and check that once a week. Now this is a tool to pay attention to, measure your widest area around your belly once a week, men should be under 40 inches and women under 35 inches for better health. I know at one point my belly was something like 58 inches and now thanks to paleo eating and primal workouts my gut is around 42 inches. I have away to go but I am no longer going to judge my health by the number on the scale.  I feel the same way about age, If we did not have calendars what age would you call yourself? I feel very young at 50, I remember thinking that thirty was a very old age at one time, then I turned 30 and it was just another day. I look forward to improving my health  and my mental well being, so every now and then I stop and look about and see what works for me and what does not. Make a check list perhaps of your daily habits an see if they are good for you.

I’m spring cleaning my life, I no longer want to have burdens that pardon the pun weigh me down. So for me its time for the scale to go, I was going to make a big deal of when I dropped below 200lbs but I am choosing to live in the present and celebrate each day that I am doing my best. 

Wishing everybody the best in your search for what is healthy and I hope my little insights help someone out, I know I stand by the thought of challenge everything you are told and find out for yourself.


Peace and love all!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Coffee smoothie


Hello All, I tried this tonight after a long day and I was looking for some energy before I  took off for my evening walk.

This was for a single serving in case I really goofed up. I took my regular size travel cup and more then half filled it with room temp coffee. I add several ice cubes and some cinnamon, a cup of Greek yogurt , one egg and topped it off with some almond milk. Tossed in the blender for 30 seconds and tasted pretty damn good.

Give  it a try sometime!

Its been a little of thirty minutes since I drank it and I’m refreshed and ready to go hike my nearby trail.


Cheers all!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Energy for the whole day

I asked out loud if I could help anyone and a friend asked me out about energy and my wife has asked me about feeling drained and what is the answer.

I would start with first of all a good nights rest. We all need to recharge and 7 or 8 hours is a must, if your only sleeping fours hours then you are going crash. If you have poor sleep habits (I sure did), then you need to work on it. some tips for better sleep get away from the unnatural lights TV, PC’s cell phones. When the sun goes down my lights start to turn down as well. I prefer candles and sitting out in my yard and watching the sunsets. Its my time to unwind. You can watch TV shows anytime now so why not enjoy a glass of red wine and enjoy your evening outside.

Food is perhaps the most important thing for energy because it is our source of fuel. Make smart choices and you will go all day, bad choices and your blood levels will crash and burn. I know for years I used to eat fast food for lunch and everything single day around 2pm I wanted to take a nap. When I got home after five I would be  hungry again and then sleep for an hour and eat and then stay up all night with just a few hours of sleep and repeat the whole mess again.

When I discovered that my problems came from food within days I started to feel better. So what to eat??

Protein is a great way to get energy so , eggs are at the top of my list every day for breakfast, so many ways you can make eggs, just the best!

Chicken, red meat, fish and yogurt all things I eat every week.


Vitamin B

Dark leafy veggies like spinach , kale, and turnip or mustard greens.



Blueberries , raspberries, pineapple, coconut, bananas, apples.

Nuts: Almonds, cashews, walnuts

Smoothies: My personal favorite smoothie is very simple and tastes great and is filled with nothing but good stuff for you.

I add one banana, a cup of frozen blue berries, small cup of Greek yogurt,a spoonful of almond or cashew butter and then I fill the blender about half way with almond or coconut milk. If I have any kale or spinach on hand I toss that in as well.

I do not skip meals and I never eat bread (bread converts to sugar very quickly and slows you down) I also do my best not to eat any sugar(sugar gives you a false energy and then you crash even worst then before).


I like a handful of almonds or a cup of Greek yogurt .


I drink water all day, if your even a little dehydrated it wall slow you way down.


This is your bodies thermostat for burning fat, so to keep the fires burning I do all sorts of little tricks. I add hot sauce to my meals, I add cinnamon to my coffee and I eat a lot of hop peppers as well.


The number one thing we all need to do more of. Get off your butt and go for a walk. Walking does so many good things for us I could write about it and nothing else. Just walk , go around your block, walk through the woods just get moving.

Lift weights:

When you build muscle you burn fat 24/7. The more muscle tone you have your body will work for you instead of against you.


Get out and spend some time in the sun, your body craves it.


Now this is new for me and I admit I have a long way to go on learning this,but your mind and spirit I feel have to be on the same page as your body. Find a quiet spot and choose a word and repeat it , when your mind starts to wonder away from the word, take note of it and resume with your chant. I was amused at how often my thoughts kept trying to interrupt my little chant.

  Start slow but everyday try adding some new things to your life and at the same time remove a bad habit or two.   I will continue to post my recipes as I stumble on them and please write me if you have any questions. This for my pal Kina,every now and then you meet someone who just has a glow about them !

Peace and Love all!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scottish Shower

Well this one I fully admit I had real doubts about. Why on Earth would you want to take a cold shower??!! I mean you hear jokes about someone being so horny they need a cold shower,or every January we see people run into the icy winter waters for a few seconds and then race back to the shore. I watch them from my  living room with multi layered sweaters on.  What is the attraction?

Well I got suckered in by Ian Fleming who created James Bond, after Sean Connery rose to fame playing Bond Mr. Fleming would add touches here and there to make Bond Scottish. In one novel he said Bond would start his day with a “Scottish shower” sounds either racist or a sex act involving a Kilt and  an item to be named later. Turns out it a way of taking a shower to stimulate for the day,it involves starting with a hot shower and then going very cold and then back to warm and then finish off in icy cold North sea fashion.

Just a few things its supposed to do for you:

1. Improve circulation

2. Relieves depression

3.Increase metabolic rate

4. Keeps skin and hair healthy

5.Increase testosterone

6. Increase energy

7. burns fat

So if it works for 007 I figured what the hell, so I dove into my first Scottish shower!

I will spare you the details of my shower routine but the main result was WOW !!!!!, I’M WIDE THE FUCK AWAKE AND READY TO TAKE ON THE DAY!!! I mean I stepped out  of the shower ready to kick ass, my skin felt good and I just felt very much alive!

I’m a moody guy from time to time and I got to admit I came out feeling pretty good for the rest of the day.

Does it do all the things I listed? I don’t know about all of it, I do know it gave me energy and put me in a better mood which made me move better all day. So if this is some type of placebo , well then excellent it fooled me.

I’m adding this to my healthy life style changes, this falls under not a cure all for everything ,but a real step for me at least in the correct direction.

Give it try and let me know what you think.

Peace and Love all

Here’s todays basement gypsy song!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Don’t think twice, its alright


Sometimes we fuck up, I tend to more then most. I try and do my best with my food intake and my workouts but I still mange to make errors in my  judgment and sometimes I choose the wrong path because it turns out I am painfully human. The trick is to not beat yourself up and throw away all your past efforts.  My Friday and Saturday nights are my prime time to slip up. I’m not blaming my Scottish blood I just happen to like to have a drink or two. Now its 2am and some late night taco place is open , perfect lets eat until I’m sober.  I have done this once or thirty times but now I pay the piper the next day. If I did the crime then I will do the time and work it off and have a hard week ahead of me.

I don’t beat myself up, I except that I fucked up and get on with it.  Life is way too short to live with measuring each calorie and worrying about the scale etc… If you spend most of your days following the rules of good health it will start to become second nature to you and not drudgery. I still look up new foods to see the calorie intake but overall I have learned what’s a good portion for me.

This week it has rained most nights and we have had some places we had to be so we did not get in our regular bike ride or after dinner walk. So I new it was coming so I pushed myself to get in as much walking as I could during my work day. I stop and do some push ups on the back staircase whenever I go up or down them. I always park as far away from my building as I can. In short you do what you need to do, and what you can’t you make up later . Keep moving forward and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Do your best , don’t stress out and make the best choice you can every day.

Peace and Love all.

Todays basement gypsy song was easy to pick.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is a long slow road

Lose 30lbs in a month!!! The way companies sell their diet pills and useless workout plans never fail to amaze me, and the desperate people who other wise very smart allow themselves to be tricked by this notion you can change your body by taking a pill .

I spoke with someone today about a crazy diet pill that has great results in weight loss. Typical  jacked up amphetamines that will make your heart explode. If your goal is health why would you want to harm yourself instead of feeling better?

This will take a long time to get yourself in shape, if your as bad off as I was it could easily be years. So what, take the right steps everyday and do not look back. Lets compare  people trying to lose weight  using diet pills to someone eating real food and working out.. I have by the way tried all sorts of pills I was as foolish as anyone else.

So the person who takes the pill will first feel a lot of energy, now this is very seductive because the same person before the pill was too lazy to move. The rush going through there system has them buzzing about and their mind is racing along with their stressed out heart. Most of these pills take away your appetite and suppress any hunger pangs. So you start lose weight, very quickly! Now the person gets on the scale and they see the numbers dropping off and even though its hard to sleep anymore they don’t seem to mind because they are just not tired. Now a few weeks go by and they are down 10-15 lbs only they feel odd, can’t put their finger on it they just don’t feel good. Oh well take some more pills. Now all this miracle weight loss is muscle loss and what is left is just fat. So after a month you just can not take it and you toss out the pills and go grab a pizza. So you binge for a few days the problem though is you have loss all that muscle and now that you have returned to your old habits you fill that muscle with fat. This is why people say diets don’t work and why you see overweight people getting heavier after diet.

My way now (after being the person I just described) is too set my goal of just being a better and wiser eater and more physical. I just don’t want anything in my system that does not help me. In the first week of eating good and starting a daily plan of walking you will feel better. Each month you see steady weight loss of about a pound a week. Your clothes will be the first thing you notice as they get looser, then you start to lose the fat in your face. In three months time you may be be even 20lbs down. In the next three months you will look to up your walks and go a little further, maybe start bike riding or join a gym. Each day you will feel better then the day before.

As of this writing today 5/13/14 I am with in 12lbs of my goal which I hope to reach this Summer. I will then start my next goal which I plan to reach by Fall. I’m already thinking about another touch winter coming so I need to have plans for that. This does not end this is long road I am walking but for me its worth it.

Make your plan, take your time. If you slip up,repeat start over and keep going.


Peace and love all