Thursday, June 18, 2015

I am an Empath

Hey all,

Always on the path to understanding why we do what we do I stumbled across (as I always  do in my clumsy manner) the term Empath, that is to say someone who has empathy for  others. So let me get out of  my lotus pose and stop hugging my tree for a few minutes and fill you in on what I discovered about Empaths.

If this sounds like something out of Star Trek than your not wrong, there was episode back in the 60's with Kirk and the boys about this empath stuff. Very strange Penny Lane but  here's what I already knew about myself.

1. Everything is intense with my feelings.

2. I can tell when someone is lying.

3. I feel  joy at the thought of some people just walking into a room and equally  repulsion of other people.

4. I worry about other people being OK more than myself.

5. I need to be alone to recharge myself after being in crowd for too long or with negative people.

6. I laugh and cry very easily.

7. Music, film , books are all very powerful and stay with me  for a long time.

8. I have people in my life I love with all I have no matter how long I have known them.

9. I want to help solve everyone's problems.

10. I see all life as important and with a reason for being.

The list goes on and on and I just never had a name for it.

I write this blog to not only share my insights but to figure myself out as well. So what have I learned in the past 50 years or so? I have learned that all along I knew I was different from a lot of people around me and I also now look at it as good thing. I may hurt more (airport goodbyes are like death for me) but the day to  day joys are so over the top I can't complain. The loss of a dog will stay with me my entire life,but so will the joy it brought.

I can't help thinking of that moment in Highlander when Connor feels the "Quickening" and is aware of everything. I no longer hide my emotions although I do try and curb them and not hug everyone I see, (no one needs that guy around).

My favorite complement I get is "your different"! I know there are a lot of you out there that will understand this right away and guess what, my hunch is your an empath, the folks that shake their heads or don't care please skip down to my basement gypsy video of Kubla Khan and I hope you enjoy the tune.

I am a very happy person who feels connected with everything around me, if you know me a little I'm thinking I know you a lot. Its just how it is with me..

Peace and Love

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The gift

Hello All,

There is a wonderful story  that I have heard told several different ways ,but  the basic story is at a small school in Africa the children are bringing in gifts for their teacher.

 One at a time a child would walk up in front of the class with a wrapped present and the teacher would thank them and kids would clap as each gift was unwrapped and the nicer gifts got more claps.

 One boy walked up with a shell and handed it to the teacher and said he picked it special from the far end of their village.
 The teacher knew of the area and was aware of the dangerous cliffs the boy would have had to climb to reach the path to that side of the beach.

 She looked at the boy and asked why would you go so far and risk hurting yourself when there's plenty of beautiful shells right here on our beach? 

The kids laughed and the little boy hung his head as he said "Teacher, the trip was my gift for you!"


The world is hard and cruel and filled with selfish people, but it is also filled with beauty and wonder and kindness like this child that thought up this wonderful gift.

Peace and Love

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wear what you dig!

Hello all,

Happiness,( just like everything else worthwhile) has some work involved.

Some basic things I do to stay on my path!

1. I set goals all the time.

2. I allow for things to not work out and quickly adapt to a back up idea.

3. I quit wasting my time on anything that does not add value to my happiness.

4. I no longer try to plan out fun, or recreate a moment. I live in the now!

5. I don't concern myself with what other people think, its none of my business.

6. I no longer deal in "what ifs" I deal with "what is" I will leave all the fear mongers to the media.

7. I don't hate on myself.

8. As much as I can talk, I try and listen as well.

9. Energy Vampires are not allowed in my circus!

10.  I always have something else to look forward too.

My own mind is my best friend and worst enemy, so I do what I can to not let the weak, jealous and lazy side rise up and ruin what should be a good day.

Make the choice to be bold and brave,  be happy and to help others. Don't hate, Don't blame.

Peace and Love all


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A year of challenge!

Hello All,

So it looks like this is a year of challenges for your humble narrator.  I  have been trying  to find little things along the way to challenge myself like drink more water or park as far away as I can from my office,but now I have gone full throttle!

My year now looks something like this: 

August: a midnight ramble 25 mile bike ride through St. Louis at night.

September: a 100 mile bike ride to support MS in Illinois.

October: I will enter my first Tough Mudder competition 12 miles of mud and obstacles to challenge your physical and mental state.

So all I have to do now is get myself as prepared as I can for these different challenges, and I have a plan!

I quickly noticed that I'm not a runner or jogger , ok I walk a lot but at my own pace and that will have to step up (pun ).

So this week I started walk/jogging my goal being about 2-3 miles, I can not think of reason why I would need to jog any further than that at any given time. This is what I have discovered so far.

1. I need to learn how to breath when I jog

2. I have muscles in my thighs that I was unaware of until this morning when I awoke.

3. there is nothing graceful about me when I jog..yet

I also know that anything is possible if you stick with it, how many people quit playing guitar because of the F chord?!

This might be my mid life crisis or maybe turning 50 woke me up to the fact that there is more to life than working and sleeping. I don't mind muscle aches from working out, I do mind aches and pains from not using my body.

I will post more as I go along at this time I can jog for about 1 minute maybe two...I am just starting and like a friend recently said to me "your a man who makes things happen". I like that thought that I am the one in charge of what I do.

Peace and Love all

Friday, May 22, 2015

Choosing Alpha!



Hello All,


On reflection I’ve wasted a lot of my life in a Beta mode of being quiet and not wanting to speak up at the risk of offending someone or disappointing someone else. The result being I became the nice guy with low self esteem who over ate too find some type of reward and watched my health decline at an absurd rate. It is very easy to get into this safe way of living, no one can hurt you. Soon you find you feel nothing at all and you become like a robot following a set of orders.

If you have read any of my previous posts I’m very proud of the fact I chose to change, too become the person I want to be for myself. If this comes off as bragging than fair enough I’m bragging, I pulled myself out of a fucking nose dive! Here’s the thing so can you.

Speak your mind

Follow your heart

Form a vision of just who you want to be

Be brave, if your not feeling brave than fake it, no one can tell the difference

Understand that you do matter and have value

If you see something that is wrong than do what you can to correct it

If you see something positive than reward it and share with others

Being Alpha is not to be a rude jerk, it is though to be the best version of you

Bullies are not alpha they are weak jackals that speak only with a pack behind them

Ignore the people who try to stop you on your path and they will be plenty of them

Toss open the door to fear and step over the threshold and you will find what the bold knew all along…nothing is what you thought it would be

Never feel sorry for yourself, fix your problems that you can and learn to deal with the issues that can not be resolved and keep moving

Life is not fair and so what

Take action

Work hard, play hard

Today, right now is all you have, no promise of tomorrow and yesterday is not coming back

Challenge yourself

This is all we have folks, make the most of your life, embrace the people you love, share kindness and understanding and know that the other half of the balance is to be bold.

Peace & Love