Monday, January 7, 2013

Prisoner of Pain

Hello readers your humble storyteller is back after the holidays and ready for a new year of goals to be achieved ..when my old pal tooth pain came back on the scene.

The two types of pain I can not deal with is being on the verge of throwing up all the time,dizzy, nauseous (you get the idea) and any type of tooth pain!!! On Christmas day I had filling fall out and soon after that the pain set in. At long last I could stand no longer and went and saw my dentist, and in short I need to have root canal and start some gum treatment as well. This year just got a lot more expensive.


My past life of not having any type of plan for 40 plus years has been rapidly catching up with me. So its never a surprise to me when something goes wrong, like other idiots I should have seen it coming and often in the way of the idiot I watched it come while I ate crap food.


The good news is I am now a man with a plan for just about everything. I set my goals last year to lose weight and did it, how nice to start the new year and not worry about that. So now I have two struggles left that out weigh the others. (went for the pun there) Getting my financials in order and the mess that is my mouth.  The money side is actually been worked on for some time, but now my family has discussions on what we want to achieve in the year,swimming pool , new giant TV in the Man Cave, vacations..all of it needs a plan of action.

My mouth is a lesson in ignore this and it will come back to destroy all you hold dear. Simple plan brush and floss everyday and have great Donny Osmond DNA. I fell short of this and now I am in a new level of pain,which I can only describe as a never ending Mike Tyson punch in the jaw at irregular timing. I would do just about anything to stop this pain that so easily could have been avoided,but now like some fellow from Dante’s path through Hell I sit on a lower level and repeat this agony of not a care in the world to Just shoot me now!

So time to step up to the plate and make a change, I am taking this year to correct everything that I can to fix my teeth. The difference now is, when I leave the dentist this week and the pain has gone away, I know I have just started on my journey to oral health. I have a very hard year ahead of me but that’s OK. I am choosing to confront my fears of the dentist (Marathon Man) and along with our family money meetings we will be able to figure out the best way to pay for it all and still enjoy the new year.

The lesson I keep in mind is after the pain has gone away..the problem is still there, do not ignore it because its not present at the moment. Trust me no matter what the problem is the pain is much worse! “Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves!”

Peace and Love